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Friday, May 6, 2011

Boardwalk Empire and Incogneeto

Greetings all! Last weekend I once again participated in The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show at The Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th st in Chelsea, NYC. A frenzy of excited vintage enthusiasts were scurrying about snapping up the best in spring fashions. With the weather being as lovely as it was, everybody was geared up for buying the cutest little rompers and sundresses.

The show opens on Friday at 1 pm when the designers and dealers line up for the first dibs at the best buys! My usual fabulous inventory included a wonderful selection of vintage jewelry ranging in price from $10 for a pair of 80's fun plastic earrings to $250 for the 40's Miriam Haskel choker. I always carry a wide variety of vintage belts that are priced reasonably from $15 for an 80's colorful stretch belt to $75 for the 70's Gucci, all for accessorizing your wardrobe (albeit vintage style or not). I had also recently purchased a few lovely dresses from the 20's and 30's that I brought along for their first outing. My wall display of pastels included a 1920's pink silk chiffon flapper dress that has lace godets and rhinestones throughout the dress. A set of vintage rhinestone dress clips completed the look. This beauty sold pretty quickly for $220.

An email was sent to the vendors of this fantastic show from Jessica De La Cruz, the
Assistant Costume Designer of the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire" telling us what they are in need of for the next seasons filming. Having just a few days advance notice, the vintage maven dug through her archives for special pieces to satisfy the want list from this prestigious costumer. I was able to find enough early 20's items (they are currently filming the summer of 1921) to email them back the selection I could provide. Late in the day on Sat, the crew showed up in my booth.

I anxiously showed them my stock pile of vintage goods which included an impressive assortment of men's silk and knit neckties all from the 1920's. This was something on their list that they were in need of, that which I provided and they purchased 28 of them. A half a dozen pair of early shoes including magenta satin and purple satin Louis heels with cut steel buckles were also in their pile. Most of the purchase made for Boardwalk Empire were hand picked by the Associate Costume Designer, Lisa Padovani. She chose painted hair combs, colorful ostrich plumes, lace collars, and a wide array of 2 dozen belt and shoe buckles. It will be very exciting to see these items of mine of the show! I am hoping to continue doing business with them as I am constantly acquiring new/old goods for my vintage store, Incogneeto.