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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Courier News

This one was printed in the Courier News a few weeks ago but I neglected to post it here!
It's great to have such articles written on moi! Thanks to Martin Bricketto for doing such a fine job on depicting The Vintage Maven as she really is...

Making vintage modern: Somerville shop owner debuts fashion book


SOMERVILLE — Stacy LoAlbo, owner of the vintage shop Incogneeto on Division Street, said her love of vintage fashion began as a teenager when she would stay up late watching classic black-and-white movies on television.

"I would see these fantastic clothes, Ginger Rogers in a glamour gown from the 1930s dancing with Fred Astaire, and I just loved it," LoAlbo said.

LoAlbo has been a business owner in the borough since 1991. Now she can add author to her list of accomplishments in the world of vintage clothing and accessories. Her book, "Vintage Fashion Accessories," was released in November by Krause Publications, with photos by Jimmy Lin.

"The reason I'm attracted to accessories and the reason I wrote the book is because I feel like you can add a vintage purse or a vintage necklace to an everyday wardrobe without it looking out of place," LoAlbo said.

The book's colorful collection of hats, shoes, bags and jewelry represents roughly 100 years of fashion from the 1880s to the 1980s, according to LoAlbo.

LoAlbo said some of her favorite items from the book include a crystal brooch once owned by Bette Davis in the shape of a mask and a Dutch purse from the 1950s with a battery-powered light that enables the user to find her keys in the dark. A plastic shopping tote from the 1970s with swirling colors of black and red graces the cover.

"It's a $20 plastic purse, but it looks like it's worth $100," LoAlbo said.

LoAlbo, a Bridgewater resident who at one time was pursuing a career as a math teacher, said she wanted to craft a fun and modern book that doesn't just catalog the accessories but instead presents them as "eye candy."

LoAlbo said most of the items in the book are from her collection but some specialty pieces were borrowed from other dealers, including antique dealers in Somerville. The MH Art & Framing Gallery, 9 West 20th St. in Manhattan, is hosting an exhibit of accessories featured in the book through Feb. 27.

With one book under her belt, LoAlbo hopes to next write a book about vintage fashion advertising.


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